Paintings Gallery

Wrapping my brain around impossible concepts, like the random nature and very existence of our world, can leave in its wake feelings of smallness. Lest I slip into an existentialist nihilism, I reach for some semblance of control over a small part of my two-dimensional world. Embracing a random impossible universe through paint, makes it my own, and a little less fearsome. Optical illusions symbolize these big “impossible” concepts, or are parts of ourselves we hide away. Alien landscapes give birth to these illusions. Animals adapt to these impossible landscapes. Colors erupt into feelings, giving cryptic answers to the eternal questions of existence.

Surreal visions manifest themselves in my many painted worlds. Optical illusions coexist with animal helpers. Animals use technology and re-write evolution. Spray-painted shadows and vibrant figures make intimate homes and invite you in. Over the years, my paintings have explored different realms and told many stories. Some of these stories are full of laughter, and some will punch you in the gut. Some with soothe the soul and some will perplex the brain. Although many overlapping styles are represented, a unifying vibrant beauty unifies them.


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